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When to Replace Your Garage Door: Signs of Age, Damage, and Safety Risks

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Replacing your garage door can be a major investment, so you may feel tempted to delay it. However, some signs indicate when your garage door must be replaced for safety and convenience. By paying attention to the condition of your garage door, you can make sure that it is safe for use and prevent any unwanted accidents or injuries. In this article, we’ll explore when to replace your garage door and look at the signs of age, damage, and safety risks associated with a worn-out unit.


Age is one of the main indicators that it’s time to replace your garage door. If you have an older model or one that was installed more than 15-20 years ago, it’s likely due for a replacement. This is especially true if your door is made of wood or metal and has not been serviced in a while. Older materials can start to sag, warp, crack, and rust over time, affecting its performance and making it difficult to open and close.

In addition to age, wear and tear indicate it’s time for a replacement. If the door is noisy when opened or closed, this could mean that the springs are worn out and need to be replaced. Other signs of damage include dents or scratches on the door, broken panels or hardware, and loose bolts or screws. If you notice any of these issues, it’s important to address them right away to maintain your garage door’s safety and efficiency.

Finally, safety risks are another reason a garage door replacement in Glen Allen might be necessary. If the unit is not working properly due to age or damage, it could cause your door to become stuck or jammed. This could lead to entrapment, so it’s important to ensure that all safety features are in working order.

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