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7 Common Garage Door Problems and How to Fix Them

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A garage door is a vital part of any home. It keeps your car and other possessions safe and provides convenient access to your home. However, like any mechanical system, garage doors can experience problems. In this post, we’ll explore seven common garage door problems and how to fix them.


The Door Won’t Open or Close

If your garage door won’t open or close, the problem could be a malfunctioning opener or a broken spring. Check the opener to see if the motor is running. If it is, but the door won’t move, the spring is likely broken. In this case, you should contact an experienced garage door repair service, such as Garage Door Repair Bloomington, CA, to replace the spring.

The Door Is Noisy

A noisy garage door could be caused by loose hardware or worn-out rollers. Tightening the hardware and lubricating the rollers can help alleviate the noise. If the noise persists, it could be a sign of more serious problems, such as a broken spring or cable.

The Door Is Off Its Tracks

If your garage door is off its tracks, it won’t open or close properly. This could be caused by a broken cable, worn-out rollers, or a misaligned track. If you notice your garage door is off its tracks, contact a trusted garage door repair contractor to fix the issue.

The Door Is Sagging

A sagging garage door could be caused by a worn-out spring or misaligned tracks. Adjusting the spring tension or realigning the tracks can help alleviate the issue. However, it’s best to seek professional help to avoid causing further damage.

The Door Reverses Before Closing

If your garage door reverses before closing, it could be due to an obstruction in the door’s path or a malfunctioning sensor. Check for any obstructions and clean the sensor. If the problem persists, contact a skilled garage door repair technician to inspect the opener and sensors.

The Door Is Stuck

If your garage door is stuck, it could be caused by a broken spring or a malfunctioning opener. Check the spring and opener to see if they’re functioning properly. If not, seek professional help.

The Remote Control Doesn’t Work

If your garage door remote control doesn’t work, try replacing the batteries first. If that doesn’t solve the problem, it could be due to a malfunctioning remote or opener. Contact a certified garage door repair expert to diagnose and fix the issue.

Garage door problems can be frustrating, but many can be fixed with simple solutions. However, some issues require specialized help. If you experience any of these common garage door problems or have any other issues, contact Garage Door Repair Bloomington, CA, for expert assistance. Remember, regular maintenance and inspections can help prevent many garage door problems from occurring in the first place.

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