Perplexity AI Review

Perplexity AI – A Comprehensive Review

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Perplexity AI is an AI-powered search and discovery tool that aims to provide users with credible and up-to-date information through its “answer engine” approach. In this blog post, I will provide an honest review of Perplexity AI, discussing both its pros and cons after exploring its key features.

Perplexity AI Review


Perplexity AI utilizes its “Perplexity Copilot” to guide users through deeper explorations using AI search. With either voice or text input, users can instantly obtain answers to their questions directly from the Perplexity AI toolbar without needing to switch between tabs. The platform also allows users to keep conversations going through “Thread Follow-Up” for a more nuanced understanding of topics.

Plus Points

One of Perplexity AI’s major strengths is its focus on building trust. For every answer provided, the platform cites sources to ensure transparency. Users can also learn new things through community discoveries on the “Discover” section. Additionally, the “Your Library” feature allows effective curation of personal discoveries over time, serving as more than just a search history.

In terms of pros, Perplexity AI has demonstrated accuracy by leveraging a dedicated search and AI team, heuristics, and data-driven learning from past user queries. Its use of a modernized PageRank algorithm also prioritizes more reliable sources over less trustworthy ones. 

Users have praised Perplexity AI’s ability to provide instant page summaries and quick queries directly from the toolbar. Answers are also tailored based on a user’s current page or domain for contextual understanding. Discoveries can also be easily shared with others through a clickable link. Dynamic question follow-ups allow for deeper conversations as well.


However, there are some limitations to note. As a relatively new tool, Perplexity AI may lack extensive user feedback compared to established platforms. Some early users have also reported occasional glitches.

In conclusion, for users seeking a credible solution for information discovery, Perplexity AI presents promising features through its Perplexity Copilot, cited sources, and focus on building trust. However, occasional glitches and limited feedback warrant caution before fully committing to the platform long-term. The Website called ”Best Prompt AI Hub” offers prompts for newbies to get the most of OpenAI’s ChatGPT by exploring different conversation starters on various topics. This should help users better understand and utilize ChatGPT for their needs.


How much does Perplexity AI cost to use?

The basic features of Perplexity AI are free to use. Paid subscription tiers are available for additional advanced features and support.

Can I use Perplexity AI without an internet connection?

No, Perplexity AI requires an internet connection to function since it relies on its online databases and AI models to provide answers. Offline use is not currently supported.