What’s New in Apple iOS 11?

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Apple’s latest operating system, iOS 11, is now available. The new OS update is loaded with new features and functions. We’ve highlighted all of the new features here. Let’s go through them below:

Live photos are better now

If you’re a photography enthusiast, this improved feature can help you a lot. You can convert your Live Photos into GIFs and select which Live Photo’s still frame is the main image. It’s a cool update, isn’t it?

iMessage is now very easy to use

iMessage wasn’t that productive in iOS 10. But now Apple takes care of it very well. They’ve redesigned it to give users the optimum comfort and convenience. Now you can enjoy enjoying different sticks and perusing GIFs on your messages. Everything is now at your disposal.

iMessage is now very easy to use

Siri works much better

In iOS 11, Siri sounds less robotic and feels more natural. Apple has also added a new translation feature, which is still in the development process. With this new cool feature, users will be able to listen to the translation of certain phrase they asked Siri to say. It’ll speak in your desired language on your behalf.

iPhone Keyword gets an update

Now typing has become more convenient, thanks to an iOS 11 update. Now, the keyboard will show you the words you just viewed on your iPhone, amazing, isn’t it? The words could be from anywhere like Safari or Messages app. So, the next time you get a message from your friend recommending a restaurant, the name of that particular restaurant will appear in words suggestions.

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