A Brief Review about Phonetracking – A Cell Phone Spy App

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We would all like to live in a world without dangers, where we would not have to be afraid of dishonest employees or that loved ones suffer any harm. But it is not like that, we live in a world where dangers abound. Therefore, we must do everything in our power to maintain security.

That’s where Phone Tracking app comes in, an advanced monitoring software that allows parents, employers and people in general to keep an eye on some individuals. With this app, everyday concerns are left behind so you can spend your time being a better professional as well as a better person.

This software company was founded by a group of visionaries who envisioned the amount of danger to which the children could be exposed and considered to give a solution.

It prevents unwanted contact on calls and more. You can access the information you want no matter where you are. Just log into your account from any device with an Internet connection and report the details of the device monitored by this fabulous application.

And how does this software work?

When it is installed on the cell phone or tablet the software starts to save everything including call records, GPS location, emails, browsing history, messages and photos. It also remotely blocks sites and applications that are not considered appropriate. By using Phonetracking you will be able to know:

  • How safe are your loved ones
  • With whom they maintain contact
  • What places they frequent and where they are
  • What web pages are you looking for?
  • Reduce the risk of theft of personal data
  • Review how efficient your workers are.

Some things you should know

  • Nearly forty percent of children are victims of online abuse, and in more than thirty percent of cases there is recidivism.
  • Only two out of every twenty victims communicate to a trusted adult.
  • People who have been bullied are more likely to commit suicide.