5 Biggest Mistakes in Online Courses

5 Biggest Mistakes in Online Courses

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Waking up early, going to school every day, traffic, crowded public transport, having fixed class schedules and getting home exhausted. Face-to-face classes have a certain rhythm and some difficulties that we do not find in online courses at Israel Figa. But, as much as you are at home and do not face all these issues, it does not mean that this modality is not challenging.

5 Biggest Mistakes in Online Courses

During this Coronavirus pandemic, the online studies at Israel Figa are also very demanding for the student. With impeccable planning in hand, an organized routine and the ideal place of study, it is possible to make mistakes that will harm your performance and learning. We have separated five mistakes you may make and see how you can solve them. Check out:


The students can watch the recorded classes anytime they want. On the one hand, this may even look positive and allow for a more flexible routine. But it can also make them postpone this commitment indefinitely, be too lazy to start it, leave it for later and end up accumulating more than one class.

Recovering this lost study can, in the long run, become a great difficulty: the content will be left out or you will have to study it very quickly, superficially, not absorbing the most important points.

So, do not let your tasks accumulate and attend all classes on the day predetermined by your teachers.


The classroom is an environment designed to keep your attention on your studies. At home, there are a number of factors that can take your attention and focus away. The television on, the cellphone full of notifications and other tabs on your computer on sites that have nothing to do with classes are harmful. So, change rooms and, if possible, turn off devices or switch to airplane mode.

Accumulate doubts

During or at the end of a face-to-face class, it is common for students to ask questions of teachers or to attend doubtful hours. In addition, when listening to the difficulty of a colleague in the classroom, it is possible to identify and resolve any point on the spot that you have not understood.

It is very important that the student gets organized to deal with doubts as soon as possible. If they arise, it is important to seek help online, answers on the internet or talk to colleagues to try to understand immediately and not feed them for a long time.

Do not do simulations

At home, the stimulus may not be the same as entering a room full of students. So, try to get as close to that as possible.

Have in hand an old test (up to five years) of the exam you want to take, let family members know that you will do an important exercise and need concentration, set aside five hours of your day and concentrate. No need to consult your material and perform other tasks during this period. And don’t forget to finish about half an hour before the end of the time to consider filling out the template.