What is Hookah? How to Smoke Hookah?

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If you’re one of those who don’t know what is Hookah and how does it work, you’ve landed in the right place. In this article, we are going to explain hookah in detail. Let’s find out what it’s all about. A hookah is a single or multi stemmed instrument for smoking and vaporizing flavored smoking substance such as tobacco. During hookah session, the smoke or vapor is passed through a glass basin filled with water before inhalation.



In simple words, it’s a smoking device used to smoke flavored smoking material such as tobacco. It’s quite popular among smokers all over the world. It consists of several elements such as, windguard, Tobacco bowl, charcoal, blowout valve, hose, water jar, plate, gasket, and more.

How to Smoke Hookah?

Smoking a hookah is super simple; however, you need to consider the following points prior using a hookah:

Clean your hookah before smoking as untidy hookah can cause some nasty smoking experience. You can read guides on how to clean a hookah, which are available abundantly on the internet.

Fill the bottle with fresh cold water

Fix the stem and attach hose

Double check if everything is perfectly assembled

Place the tobacco on the bottle and ignite the coal. This is how you to smoke a hookah, it’s simple. Isn’t it?

Where to Buy Hookah?

To enjoy the quality hookah smoking experience, you need to buy the best quality hookah. This is possible only when you’re buying it from a reliable hookah store such as, the leading online hookah shop that offers a wide collection of different hookah models and accessories.

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