Here Is A Look At Some Of Tranxition’s Award Winning Offerings

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Migrate Users to Windows 10

Tranxition Migration Manager makes users migration to Windows 10 much easier and hassle-free. Not only users can migrate to Windows 10 but their settings, documents, macros, shortcuts, and favorites will also be migrated. User can enjoy this by paying a very minimum price and this price is much less than what TMM is offering. Another exciting feature is persona management where user’s settings are continuously being captured and upon restoration, the process will be so streamlined that the user won’t even notice migration to be happening.


User Settings Backup for Microsoft One Drive

By the integration of Tranxition Migration Manager with Microsoft Onedrive, user settings and personas will automatically be captured and stored in the cloud. This capturing will be followed by some scheduling protocol and will constantly be synced with the user’s machine. In case of a device change, TMM will automatically set up the user’s account and the device will be populated with user’s settings and recently used documents. Another exciting feature is the adaptability, i.e., if the device has been upgraded from Windows 7 to Windows 10, even then TMM will automatically inject the previous settings and documents and will adapt itself with the new environment.

QUEST KACE Application Support

Tranxition Migration Manager automatically captures the user settings and documents from Windows 10 and MS Office. Upon backup/restoration, these settings and documents get migrated flawlessly to the target machine. The migration manager when gets coupled with KACE machines through the integration of TMM and QUEST gives users the additive advantage of enterprise-level solutions. According to user reviews, TMM is 5 times faster and 99.9% more reliable than its competitors.